Make up for company presentations

If you have an important meeting, an award waiting for you or a company presentation you need to be and look your best. Together we can find the look you wish to achieve and host your official event with the oumost confidence.

Permanent collaborations with artists

A lot of famous artists need a permanent partnership with a make up artist that will handle theatrical performances, presentations on TV, press conferences, evening meetings e.t.c. I have worked with a lot of artists and know the make up demands in these cases. We can setup a meeting and discuss the possibility of a permanent and mutually beneficial partnership.

Make up for special projects

Companies nowdays try to magnetize their attendees, in all official events (product presentations, advertisements e.t.c.), using full body painting. My expertise in the cinematic art and prosthetics technic allows me to create unique presentations. From a simple "Gold" body painting to a special prosthetic, that can make a face look like an elf, an alien, a dragon... you name it.